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The cases are spiking again.

Unlike in the past, this surge is led by the highly transmissible new variant, Delta.

Recent reports show that it takes only 14 seconds to infect another person in an enclosed room.

Social distancing and frequent hand washing will not help much, as the virus is airborne. It can linger in the air for up to 16 hours. And remember, all it takes is just 14 seconds for one to catch it.

Anyone, including a fully vaccinated person, can be a carrier - asymptomatic or otherwise. In an enclosed room with others, that can be the beginning of a cluster.

Hence, disinfecting and sterilizing the indoor air 24/7 is now a necessity.

Introducing Pletinum's 24/7 UV Ozone Air Purifier

A typical standard HEPA filter won't be of much help.

Pletinum's wall-mounted UV Ozone Air Purifier emits activated oxygen on periodic intervals to maintain good air quality throughout the day and eliminates all kinds of threats including germs, airborne pathogens and other contaminants present in the air.

It breaks the shell walls of these pathogens and render them ineffective through ozone disinfection technology.

Ozone Sterilization Process

High voltage electrical energy is applied to split the Oxygen molecule. The resulting unstable Oxygen atom quickly seeks out and attaches itself to other Oxygen molecule to form Ozone gas. Ozone, also called Trioxygen, contains three Oxygen atoms and is safe and environmentally-friendly in low doses. Ozone gas kills bacteria, viruses, odours and other contaminants in the air and then disappers rapidy.


Breathe Natural Sterile Air 24/7

Our elegant, wall mounted UV Ozone Air Purifier Cleaner uses an innovative technology to maintain a stable and safe level of ozone for air purification. Hence, it can be used safely in the presence of any human & living being.

360° Purification

Ozone reaches every corner of the room due to its high penetration capacity whereas UV radiation, with its limited penetration, can only disinfect air close to the lamp. Our UV Ozone Air Purifier Cleaner combines the best of both technologies to give you the ulitmate microorganisms killing machine.


Smart Display

Its interactive OLED display shows different purifying modes. It automatically regulates and maintains the ozone level according to the room size and effectively deodorizes and sterilizes the air.


Green Solution

Ozone is 100% biodegradable. Ozone reverts back to water and oxygen in minutes with no residues. Ozone is an FDA/USDA/EPA-recognized effective antimicrobial agent. Disinfection using ozone is completely natural.


Easy Maintenance

Unlike other air purifiers, there are no costly filters to replace. Hence, maintenance is easy. Our product is designed for easy installation and operation.

Small Energy Consumption

It consumes minimal energy to eliminate the odour & bacteria effectively 24/7. You save on repeat purchases of air fresheners, sanitizers & costly chemicals for deodorization & disinfection, which doesn't help as much with this new variant.

Can be Used Safely in Any Environment

Our UV Ozone Air Purifier Cleaner can be used safely in enclosed areas like any Waiting Lounge in Hospital, Public Places, Gym, Cafeteria, Cinema, Hotel Corridors, Supermarkets, Meat & Fish Shops to maintain good air quality at all times.


Length 100 cm
Power 105 W
Lifespan of UVC 5000 hours
Amount of Ozone 500
Amout of egative Ions 200,000,000
Circuling Volume 1000 - 1000 m3/hr
Application Area Size 500 - 3000 sqf




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