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You’ve seen those puny survival tools that help you comb your mustache, whittle some toothpicks, or start a little pathetic fire, but what if you’re really looking to survive in the deep dark wilderness?

Well, you’re going to need more than just a 2 inch blade that fits into your credit card.

The Vikings™ 17-in-1 Tactical Shovel has everything you need to survive an apocalype including a folding shovel, pick-axe, blades, fire starters, and more.

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The Vikings™ Tactical Shovel uses different attachments that screw onto the shovel to give it essentially an endless amount of usage while camping, hiking, while stranded in the wilderness, for military usage, or even just out in the backyard.

With 9 different attachments, it gives the tool more uses such as an emergency whistle, a magnesium rod fire starter, a window breaker, a saw, an axe, a bottle opener, and more.

This ultimate survival tool shovel is made using high quality solid carbon steel that's made from an all in one mould that's heat-treated for extreme strength. The handle of the tool is then covered with 2 anti-skid sleeves for incredible hand-grip technology.


MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - Shovels don’t usually have 17 functions but our camping shovel does. It can help you start a fire, protect yourself, and more! Every function of this shovel multi tool will help you survive the great outdoors:

  • Shoveling
  • Digging
  • Bracing
  • Cutting (logs, rope)
  • Prying
  • Hammering
  • Window breaking
  • Chipping
  • Fire starting
  • Loud emergency whistling
  • Chopping
  • Wire clamping
  • Self-defense weapon
  • Axing
  • Hoeing (gardening)
  • Hooking
  • Hunting
  • Peeling
  • Chiseling
  • Sawing
  • Shearing
  • Entrenching
  • Bottle/can opening
  • And more...

EFFICIENT - Instead of buying multiple tactical gears, this military folding shovel is all-in-one. You can carry less gear when you’re out on nature trips and save money as well.

SELF-DEFENSE - When camping or trekking in the wild, you never really know what you will encounter. Since you’re sharing the space with other people and wild animals, it’s always best to have something to protect you. Our tactical shovel can be your self-defense tool if ever you run into trouble.


  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Length: 29.9 in
  • Shovel head thickness: 0.09 in
  • Handle material: Aluminum alloy


  • 1 x Tactical Survival Camping Military Multi Tool Shovel




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