Vetronix™ Cat Rehydration System

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Cats are particularly fussy over the water they drink, often resulting in inadequate hydration.

A lot of them simply refuse to drink out of a bowl because they don't like the feeling of being hunched over a bowl. Somehow this position leaves them feeling "vulnerable" to attack, and can also hurt their neck if they have arthritis or other joint pain problems.

Then, there are cats that only drink running water because it's "cleaner" and "tastes better".

How do they know? Well, vets think that it's probably evolutionary.

Whatever the reasons may be, insufficient water intake can lead to dehydration and eventually, a host of health issues including loss of energy, panting, sunken eyes, dry tacky gums and urinary tract blockages.

That's why you need the Vetronix™ Cat Rehydration System.

Activated by sensor, the Vetronix™ Cat Rehydration System pumps out clean filtered water through its nozzles, just like a fountain, when your cat approaches it.

And because it's elevated, your cat won't have to hunch over. So there is no stress on the neck muscles and spine.

Drinking from the Vetronix™ Cat Rehydration System is also healthier as it prevents the accumulation of hair debris, excessive magnesium and calcium ions, scale and sediments, commonly found in traditional drinking bowls.

Designed to look appealing yet functional, the Vetronix™ Cat Rehydration System features a built-in LED Night Light to attract the attention of your cat!

Ultimately, your cat gets to enjoy the cleanest water that it deserves, which will encourage it to drink even more!


4-layer Filtration System - The key component of our Vetronix™ Cat Rehydration System is its 4-layer filtration system. Consisting of sponge, cotton, activated carbon and iron exchange resin, these multi-layer filters help to trap all debris, remove dangerous chemicals and heavy metals, and eliminate unpleasant odor and taste from the water.

Low Power Consumption - The Rehydrator consumes less than 1 kWh of electricity a month, which makes it ideal for all households with cats, or even small dogs.

3 Flowing Modes - Keep your cat guessing with a choice of 3 flowing modes! You can set it to Gentle, Waterfall and Bubble to add a bit of fun and excitement to drinking water!

Silent Pump - Our pump is super quiet, with a noise level of less than 40 dB, something like a whisper. So can leave the Vetronix™ Cat Rehydration System on 24/7 without worrying that it will disturb your cat, or you, while sleeping.

Large Tank - Our 2L water capacity is suitable for different age of cats. There's no need to replenish water daily. Therefore you can go out for few days without worrying your kitty.

Portability - At 16 cm x 16 cm x 12.5 cm (7" x 7" x 5"), you can easily bring it along with you on a holiday or camping trips.

USB Chargeable - For your convenience, the Vetronix™ Cat Rehydration System can be charged via powerbank, USB or even a traditional plug.

Package Content

  • 1 x Vetronix™ Cat Rehydration System
  • 3 x Spare Multi-layer Filters
  • 1 x Sensor System




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