Tree Face Bird Feeder Garden Art Sculpture

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Introducing the Barky McBarkface Tree Face Bird Feeder, the hilarious and eco-friendly way to bring life and laughter to your backyard!

Barky is a quirky character with a voracious appetite for your feathered friends' favorite snacks. With his wide-eyed expression and a mouth that doubles as a bird feeder, he'll have you and your neighbors in stitches as you watch the local avian community flock to his face for a bite to eat!

This top-quality, weather-resistant and frost-proof bird feeder is handcrafted from polyresin, a durable and sturdy material that will pass the test of time. The tree bird feeder is hand-painted using non-toxic and eco-friendly paint that will not fade.

Feeding your feathered friends has never been more entertaining! Simply fill Barky's gaping maw with a generous helping of birdseed or other avian delights, and watch as birds of all shapes and sizes come to dine at the funniest forest café in town. 

Installation is a breeze: simply attach Barky's eyes, nose, and mouth to your tree with the included hardware, and you're good to go! In no time, you'll have a hilarious backyard attraction that's sure to make you smile and give your local birds a place to chow down.

And if you are worried about the tree's health, fear not! Barky's soft, tree-friendly mounting system ensures that your beloved plants remain happy and healthy.

Looking for the perfect gift for the bird lover or nature enthusiast in your life? Look no further! The Barky McBarkface Tree Face Bird Feeder is a unique, lighthearted, and functional addition to any outdoor space.

Order yours today and let the bird-feeding hilarity begin!

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