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Say goodbye to sleepless nights - once and for all - with our SilentNite Anti-snoring Watch.

But don't just take our word for it.

Try this experiment tonight on your partner when he/she's sleeping (and snoring),

Gently nudge him/her until he/she moves. You'll notice that when he/she moves, albeit slightly, the snoring stops instantly.

This is exactly how SilentNite Anti-snoring Wristband works. 

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When snoring is detected, the wristband emits a gentle impulse on the skin to trigger a light reflex. This causes the body to alter its sleeping position which helps to tighten the throat muscles and stop the snoring - instantly.

The light stimulation will not wake user up and does not affect sleep quality. SilentNite is 100% safe to use, has no side effects and is non-invasive

Most users report that they feel well-rested the next morning and have a greater energy during the day after wearing our SilentNite wristband.

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1. Output intensity: 180UA

2. Main output form: 0.2 HZ fixed
3. The output waveform: fixed number of square wave wave output
4. Serving Time: 8 hours(automatic off)
5. Power supply: 1.5V AAA batteries(Not included)
6. Operating environment: 10C-+40C 30~85%RH
7. Preserve environment: -20C~+50C 10~95%RH
8. Transmission environment: -10C~+50C 30~85%RH
9. Item weight: 25g


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