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Migraine? Dry, irritated eyes? Blurry vision?

These are some of the common symptoms of eyestrain, caused by working on the computer, or straining on your mobile for too long.

Eyestrain can also lead to loss of concentration and brain fog.

Eventually, it will manifest in other parts of the body as pain, typically in the neck, shoulder and back.

Fast Relief in 15 Minutes

The key to treating eyestrain is by massaging the 11 vital acupoints and muscles around your eyes. This helps to promote blood circulation and release tension.

A trained therapist can do this for you. Or, you can use the Rejuven•i Eye Massager.

By combining kneading, vibration, air pressure, heat compression and far infrared technology, Rejuven•i Eye Massager works on these acupoints and muscles to restore them to optimum condition.

Hence, effectively removing many of the symptoms that plagued you.

5 Modes of Massage

An effective acupoint treatment requires the correct hand movements with the right amount of pressure.

Rejuven•i Eye Massager accomplishes this by using airbags. Strategically placed around the eye massager, these airbags inflate and deflate in sequence to mimic the hands of an experienced massage therapist.

With 5 preset massage modes, Rejuven•i guarantees to give your eyes the 5-star treatment that they deserve.

Comfortable Heat Compress

Rejuven•i Eye Massager gently delivers consistent heat at 100.4°F (40°C) and 107°F (42°C) to your overworked eyes.

Known as heat compress, this treatment modality warms and relaxes the surrounding muscles and improves oxygen flow.

Heat compress can help relieve dry puffy eyes, rejuvenate dull tired eyes and reduce eyebags.

Far Infrared Technology

Far infrared (FIR) technology has been widely used by dermatologists to stimulate collagen production and to treat photogaing for decades.

FIR rays can penetrate up to 1" into the skin and help ease muscle tension quickly and effectively.

They can also reduce wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.

Bluetooth Connection to Your Favorite Music

Music can have a profound impact on healing and recovery.

You can easily conncect your favorite music to your Rejuven•i Eye Massager via Bluetooth.

Enjoy your songs through the built-in speakers as your eyes are being pampered.

And if a call comes in, you can even answer it and chat with your friends during massage.

Designed for Maximum Comfort

The Rejuven•i Eye Massager is made with eco-friendly and skin-friendly materials.

The curved nose bridge is ergonomically designed to fit most face shape. Use the elastic head belt to adjust the massager accordingly.

The massager can be used by teenagers and adults daily to relieve stress from eyestrain.

Massage Anytime, Anywhere

At 10 oz (290 gm),the Rejuven•i Eye Massager is lightweight and can be folded in half. You can easily bring it along to the office or on a holiday.

Rejuven•i comes with a built-in 1600mA lithium battery that can be conveniently charged via USB.

Why live with eyestrain when you can Rejuven•i it?

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