Orthodontic Invisible Braces Teeth Straightener and Smile Aligner

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Improve your smile! With Invisible Braces Teeth Straightener and Smile Aligner, no one will ever know your teeth are fixed for life.

They fit snugly over your teeth, so they’re practically unnoticeable for everyday wear. You can train and correct crowded, irregular teeth by using the Orthodontic retainer. It improves jaw shape and promotes normal growth as long as it's worn persistently!


  • 3-Step Correction Therapy - The three-stage physical correction therapy offers 3 different hardness braces to correct crowded mild dentition, dislocation, and uneven teeth step by step. This method is the most time-efficient way of ensuring that your smile will be beautiful for years to come!
  • Completely Safe - Made of soft and flexible food-grade TPE material, odourless and non-toxic, can improve orthodontic rebound with enhanced wear comfort. Not only is the plastic comfortable to put in your mouth for a long period of time but it's also designed for teeth of all kinds. 
  • Invisible - The transparent color appearance of our braces will make your smile look as confident and healthy as can be. Each case is designed for comfort, convenience, and sterility to give you the best experience possible when wearing or transporting them.


  • Phase: Phase I(D1), Phase II(D2), Phase III(D3)
  • Material: Food Grade TPE
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Suitable Age: Adults


What's Included

3* Orthodontic Invisible Braces Teeth Straightener(D1 + D2 + D3)

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