Origin Periodic Table of Real Elements

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Looking for a perfect gift for a science or chemistry lover in your life? You can't go wrong with the Origin Periodic Table with real elements.

This authentic 3D periodic table is one of a kind that showcases every stable element - in its actual form.

Each element is carefully embedded into a crystal clear acrylic block creating a unique and visually appealing piece of art.


83 Individual Elements There are 83 stable elements in the collection, embedded into a crystal clear acrylic block

Gas Elements The table displays pure bubbles of gas elements (Xenon, Krypton, Argon, Neon, Helium, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Hydrogen)

Real Elements All of the elements are carefully broken, cut, machined, melted, or smashed with a hammer before they are inserted into the acrylic block.

Safe The Origin collection of stable elements, protected by the acrylic and glass ampules, is totally safe to handle and store.

Applications This collection is perfect for schools, home, and office. The Origin Periodic Table is an ideal gift for teachers, students and friends.


  • 4.5” x 6” x 11” (114 mm x 152.4 mm x 25.4 mm)
  • Weighs 1.7 lbs
  • Contains 83 Individual elements embedded in crystal clear acrylic


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