Egloo Inflatable Bubble Tent for Outdoor Use

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Need a big tent for camping, stargazing or an outdoor event?

Why not impress your loved ones and guests with the Egloo Inflatable Bubble Tent instead of a run-of-the-mill tent?

The Egloo Inflatable Bubble Tent is the ultimate outdoor abode!

Make your own outdoor luxury hotel at home or anywhere you go. Bring it on a camping trip, to your next music festival, stargazing, or just leave it in the backyard.

Only Egloo Inflatable Bubble Tents are made with thick, high quality TPU/PVC that will give you endless years of enjoyment! Ideal for all weather conditions.


  • Great for scenic, luxurious stays at the beach
  • Useful for the office: meetings, product showcases, trade shows, advertising, etc
  • Easy to set up; cost effective greenhouse for gardeners!
  • Works nicely for your own meditation spot
  • Made from high quality, lightweight, rain resistant material
  • Easy to carry and fold. If it rains, all you'll get is an amazing view.
  • Can be used to watch the stars, outdoor camping, etc.


  • Material: Polyester waterproof fabric + adhesive waterproof layer
  • Color: blue / clear
  • Length: 3 / 4 / 5 meters (diameter)
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Blower wattage: 300W


1. Find a suitable smooth area free of rocks and debris.

2. Remove the tent from the storage bag and place the white flooring on the ground.

3. Secure your Egloo bubble tent to the ground with optional exterior D-Rings in case winds pick up!

4. Attach and activate the air blower.

5. Once the bubble room is inflated (10 minutes), continue to run the quiet blower to keep the tent inflated

6. Relax and enjoy the experience of sleeping under the milky way.


1. Please refer to the picture for the specific huge size.

2. The blower has little noise, and it will not affect normal life.

3. The tent is to be installed on a flat floor or wooden board. Its opening is large enough for you to move in some furniture.

4. The blower must run continuously  to expand the tent. If you stop using the blower, the tent will collapse immediately.

5. The Egloo tent can also be used during winter but don't forget to keep warm.

6 .Secure the bubble tent to the ground with an optional external D-ring to prevent the wind from blowing!

Package Includes

1 x Egloo Inflatable Bubble Tent

1 x Quiet Air Blower


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