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If you work from home and are looking for a new desk to improve productivity, the Vida Electric Height Adjustable Desk is for you!

Not all desks are created equally. This electric height adjusting desk is by far the most comfortable and modern way to get to work. You can fully adjust the standing height of the desk with the press of a button. Take a seat in your office chair and determine exactly how high or low you’d like the desk to be.


The desk was constructed using premium-grade steel that hardly ever sustains any damage. It’s highly durable and a sensation to have one in any modern office. A sleek wooden finish elevates the appeal of the desk while providing tons of space to fit your computer, chargers, phone, keyboard, and much more!

To ensure safety and stability, rubber non-slip foot pads prevent any unexpected movement from the desk. Now you don’t need to worry about it sliding around and potentially falling down.

What makes the adjustable desk even better is that you can greatly relieve back tension from sitting too long. Sitting in the same position for hours can cause major long-term damage to your back that’s uncomfortable to live with. When you get tired of sitting for too long, take a stand!


  • A fully adjustable standing desk that you can fix to your liking
  • Electronic desk control that makes it easy and convenient to adjust the standing height of the desk
  • Modern LCD screen control with preset options and easy-to-use single button modes
  • Prevents lower lumbar pain by giving you the option to stand or sit when you please
  • Made with premium steel metal that offers a more resilient finish than most desks
  • With its Dual Motor, you can switch the mode to conserve energy


  • Color: Black Dual Motor
  • Frame Height: 25.4" - 51"
  • Recommended table top sizes: 47" - 78" (length), 27" - 33" (width)
  • Lifting speed: 1.5"/sec
  • Noise: < 50 dB

Enjoy working more productively with the Electric Height Adjustable Desk and order yours today!

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