Dual Bulb Indoor Electric Bug Zapper (Twin Pack)

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Don’t let bugs, flies and mosquitos bother you or your family again with the Dual Bulb Indoor Electric Bug Zapper!

This electric bug zapper is a great alternative to toxic chemical sprays that have the potential of harming your children and pets. No need to worry about toxic fumes filling your lungs when you have this electric bug zapper around.

The electric bug zapper zaps and collects bugs that come into contact with the bright light strips so you don’t have to clean up dead bugs off the floor. Two 2800V light strips offer incredible brightness and shocking power that drops flying insects instantly. You can keep this electric bug zapper anywhere around your home and never let insects bother you again.

We’ve also included 4 additional light strips for your convenience so you don’t have to scramble around for new bulbs when yours go out. When the insect tray gets filled with dead bugs, you can easily remove it and wash it off to maintain its sanitary condition.



  • Powerful 2800V light strips that will attract all the insects around your home
  • Comes with 4 replacement bulbs for your convenience
  • Strong power grid that shocks insects and immediately destroys them
  • Offers a chemical-free solution to killing insects flying around your home

Put an end to indoor bugs with our Dual Bulb Indoor Electric Bug Zapper!


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