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Affordable yet highly accurate, the Coleman Smart Waterproof Metal Detector is suitable for both experienced and beginner treasure hunters.

With features such as 7.1 inch detection depth, 7 types of metal detection (including iron, gold and silver) and an ergonomic design, the Coleman Smart Waterproof Metal Detector is all that you need to start prospecting.


  • High performance Chip Our metal detector uses American-made chips for better precision and stability
  • Human-centered Design The metal detector has a retractable pole to suit all different user height. Even a child can use it
  • Waterproof Coil It can be used in wet places such as beaches and streams, up to 10" deep. It is not restricted by any location
  • Backlit LCD Display Equipped with a large backlit LCD screen, it can display clearly the depth of the target, the probable type of metal, the operating mode, the sensitivity level and battery indication - even in the dark
  • Depth Indicator It displays the approximate depth of your target metal so you can locate and dig it up easily
  • Adjustable Sensitivity Adjust the sensitivity to increase the chances of finding your targe metal
  • Connect to Headphone A 3.5mm headphone jack allows you to connect to a headset to listen in to the sounds of the metals

You can choose from 3 detection modes, depending on your requirements:

  • ALL METAL mode All metal mode detects metals including iron, aluminum, gold, bronze, silver and their products. You can determine the type of metal you detected through their unique audio tones.
  • DISC mode You can eliminate the target you don't want and avoid interference from other metals on the target you are searching for. This provides more accurate detection data and improves your detection efficiency.
  • Pinpoint Function You can use this function to pinpoint the target after you use the ALL METAL mode or the DISC mode to find the approximate range. Once the button is pressed, the detector will become very sensitive so that you can find the target easily. The detector sounds and the depth indicator on the LCD displays the probable depth of the target.

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