Welcome to PLETINUM.

When we first opened our store in 2019, specializing in cleaning and disinfecting equipment, we never expected the venture to flourish as it did.

After all, it wasn't high tech, high profile or sexy. Nevertheless, it was the only industry that founder Steve Warren, a veteran in pest control, knew. 

But call it fate or whatever, when the Coronavirus made its unwelcomed appearance in the US in March 2020, Pletinum took off - vertically!

We sold out all our disinfectant sprayers, masks, sanitizers, UV wands, gloves, thermal scanners and disinfection chambers.

Not surprisingly, at the peak of the panic, most of our customers were government departments, schools, churches, fitness and wellness centers, hospitals, non-profit organizations, airports, hotels and motels, eateries, and retail outlets.

As the business grew, we added more products to our catalog.

This year, we will also be launching our own range of nutritional supplements.

It's going to be an exciting journey and we thank you for being a part of it.

Happy shopping!

161 W Maynard Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43202
United States of America
Tel: (614) 341-7003
Email: support@pletinum.com